Environmental Programs

Copel’s environmental programs aim to meet the legal requirements, as well as the voluntary commitments assumed by the Company before national and international organizations, in the search for the economic growth of local communities, society’s well-being and sustainable development.

Learn about each of the programs developed by the Company and how these initiatives have collaborated to protect the environment, encourage responsible consumption of natural resources and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Copel DIS Environmental Programs

The environmental programs developed within the scope of Copel Distribuição seek to preserve, recover and mitigate negative impacts in the areas affected by the subsidiary’s projects, as well as in the regions that are inserted.

The environmental programs from the Environmental Studies developed in the implementation of the projects are detailed in the Environmental Programs Detail Report (RDPA). Other programs come from the environmental management process of the ventures in operation.

Corporate Environmental Programs

Copel’s corporate environmental programs aim to guide the conscious use of natural resources, the correct destination of waste and the importance of sustainable development as a way to guarantee the safety of future generations through actions in the present.