Atmospheric Emissions and Air Quality Monitoring Program

Copel’s assets include the Figueira Thermoelectric Power Plant. This plant, which started operating in the 60s, underwent a complete modernization, which will bring, among other benefits, the improvement in environmental performance associated with atmospheric emissions and air quality in the surroundings.

The new plant, scheduled to start operating in mid-2021, will have a modern atmospheric emissions control system, whose efficiency will be evaluated within the scope of this monitoring program for atmospheric emissions and air quality.

The main benefits of this program refer to the guarantee of legal compliance. Indirectly, the subprogram provides benefits to the community, notably residents of the city of Figueira, by guaranteeing compliance with emission and air quality standards.

In general terms, the monitoring of atmospheric emissions and air quality is mainly guided by two Resolutions: SEMA 16/2014 and CONAMA 491/2018.


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