Ecoefficiency Program

Conscious consumption is part of Copel’s daily routine. Therefore, in 2014, the Eco-efficiency Program was created, with actions to combat the waste of energy, water, fuel and paper, in addition to reducing waste.

The Program brings together a set of possible and accessible actions aimed at preserving natural resources, meeting human needs with quality of life and respecting the planet’s carrying capacity.

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In the corporate environment, eco-efficiency actions demonstrate that companies are environmentally responsible and sustainable.

The Eco-efficiency Program’s actions aim to reduce the consumption of natural resources, raise employee awareness, and reduce costs, as a matter of education, respect for the environment, and concern for future generations.

Resources are finite, our attitudes are not!

Ecoefficiency Program – Water

According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), in recent decades water consumption has grown twice as fast as the world’s population, and demand is expected to increase further by 55% by 2050. If current consumption patterns are maintained, by 2030 the world could face a water supply deficit of 40%*.

Aware of the importance of preserving and saving this natural resource that is fundamental for life, Copel has adopted measures to reduce its consumption, with the installation of cisterns to capture rainwater in some units; replacement of ordinary faucets with timed ones, according to a maintenance schedule; monthly monitoring of the reduction in water consumption in administrative buildings; and raising awareness about the conscious use of natural resources.

* Data from the United Nations World Water Resources Development Report 2015 – Water for a Sustainable World.

Ecoefficiency Program – Energy

Copel understands energy and more than that, Copel wants to discuss new ways and uses to show that it is possible to consume energy in an efficient and conscious manner.

For this reason, the Eco-efficiency Program has defined goals and actions to reduce energy consumption in Copel’s facilities, such as reducing the working hours of the air conditioning in Copel’s biggest complex, located in Curitiba; the implementation of the energy management module for IT equipment; the replacement of common light bulbs for LEDs, according to maintenance demand; and raising awareness of conscious use through campaigns aimed at internal and external audiences.

Ecoefficiency Program – Fuel and Mobility

  • Mobility and Fuel

Mobility is directly linked to fuel consumption. Copel’s Ecoefficiency Program seeks to encourage mobility ideas and initiatives that contribute to the reduction of fossil fuel consumption. This has a direct impact on employee health and on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Copel encourages actions that encourage the reduction of fossil fuel consumption in commuting to work, such as the use of bicycles on World Car Free Day and the Interpolos Pedal. The event, with the purpose of encouraging the use of a more sustainable and less pollutant means of transportation and to encourage healthy habits, promoted the integration of employees and their families, who cycled between Copel’s sites in Curitiba. The route, prepared and taken with the support of the BPTRAN – Polícia Militar de Trânsito (Military Traffic Police), started at the Km3, passed by the Santa Quitéria pole, then by the Pe. Agostinho pole and ended returning to Km3.

  • Use Ethanol Campaign

Copel made a very important decision in 2017: to fuel its entire fleet of flex-fuel vehicles primarily with ethanol. To learn more about the details and motivations for this campaign, click here.


• Virtual Communication Resources

From December 2016 to December 2017, more than 6,000 meetings were held by videoconferencing at Copel. Each one of these virtual meetings prevented an average of 270 km from being driven. This represented savings of almost 140,000 liters of fuel and avoided the emission of about 290 tons of CO2 and into the atmosphere (considering that the trips were made in flex vehicles fueled with gasoline).

In 2018, 6,552 meetings were held by videoconferencing, a number approximately 11% higher than in 2017. It is estimated that, with these videoconferences, about 135,000 liters of fuel were saved and the emission of approximately 280 tons of CO2e into the atmosphere was avoided (considering that the displacements were made in flex vehicles fueled with gasoline).

As of 2019, Copel adopted Office 365, which enables virtual meetings. In 2020, due to the Covi-19 pandemic, employees in the administrative areas were kept working remotely, forcing the holding of practically all meetings by digital means, which considerably reduced travel to events as well as commuting to work.

Programa Ecoeficiência – Papel


One of the actions of the Ecoefficiency Program is directed towards the conscious use of paper and the reduction of printing, since the production processes of paper sheets and printer cartridges demand several natural resources and chemicals.

About 17% of CO2 emissions, one of the biggest contributors to climate change, are products of deforestation, and the loss of forests has a global impact on greenhouse emissions larger than the entire transportation sector.

Trees can bring solutions to some of the most dangerous problems facing the planet: pollution, species extinction, climate change, desertification, deforestation, flooding, poverty and malnutrition.

Copel has been reducing its paper consumption in recent years – a reflection of the commitment it made in 2016 to the Sustainable Development Goals. With digitization underway, there will be less and less need to print.

Programa Ecoeficiência – Educação e Comunicação

The Education and Communication actions are the strengths of the Ecoefficiency Program, because the success of the planned initiatives depends directly on the individual actions of each employee.

Disseminating sustainable initiatives, sharing the results obtained, and facilitating this exchange of information are fundamental to promote eco-efficiency in all areas!

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For this reason, we have made available the following informative materials, which can be downloaded and used in your workplace, condominium, school, etc.

Get to know them, spread the word, and do your part!

Stickers: Turn off the Light and Fuel

Air-Conditioning window sticker

Ecoefficiency Poster

Water Poster

But, remember: print responsibly!