Information and Relationship Program with the DIS Community

It is essential that there is a process of transparency in relation to the actions implemented and also as to the benefits and restrictions and risks that the Company’s developments entail.

The approchement between owners of areas in the vicinity of developments and representatives of Copel facilitates negotiation and the reduction of conflicts resulting from inaccurate information that cause expectations in the population.

In this way, the Program allows the affected communities to learn about the projects, the magnitude of the interferences and the benefits promoted by their implementation, as well as preventing, through educational and recreational activities, accidents with the electric network.

The Program aims to: –

  • Provide the population with access to information on the socio-environmental impacts raised and respective mitigation and compensation measures, as well as the risks and restrictions regarding the use of the Directly Affected Area; –
  • Establish and maintain permanent communication channels between the entrepreneur and the communities affected by the developments; –

Interrelationship with the Iluminando Gerações Program, predominantly by promoting educational activities with children in schools, for safe coexistence with electrical network equipment, alerting them to the risks and dangers that this represents for their lives.


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