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Here in this space, it is possible to learn more about Copel’s trajectory along the path of sustainable development and the initiatives that the Company promotes in the dissemination of the culture of sustainability and in the engagement of internal and external audiences. It is also possible to access the portal map and find the contents of interest more quickly.

Sustainability Path

Sustainability Path is a publication created in 2011 (see original), reformulated in 2021, which was divided into an electronic book (ebook) and a timeline. The publication presents the main milestones of Copel’s trajectory towards sustainability.

In summary, important events in the history of the Company are recorded together with the main actions that consolidated the Company’s commitment to issues related to sustainability. More information on Copel’s performance can be found at Annual Sustainability Reports.

EducaODS Program

The EducaODS Program is an initiative of Copel that aims to consolidate the actions in favor of the fulfillment of the 2030 Agenda and the Voluntary Commitments assumed by Copel, linking them to the strategic reference and the organizational values of the Company.

Energia da Sustentabilidade

“Sustainability Energy” is a series of videos and podcasts that address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their relationship with the electricity sector. This Copel initiative is part of the Educa ODS Program and has 7 episodes.

This Copel initiative is part of the Educa ODS Program and has 7 episodes. Published monthly, the videos present the contents in a light and didactic way for those who are not yet familiar with the topics addressed and the podcasts are intended to deepen the discussions around each SDG.

Sustainability Events

Since 2010, Copel has held annual events with the goal of strengthening the culture for sustainability, bringing content and themes focused on environmental, social, economic and governance issues, as well as sharing knowledge and experiences on the subject with the internal and external public and suppliers.

In 2019, Copel hosted the regional edition of the “Laboratório de Integração dos ODS no Setor Elétrico Brasileiro” [SDG Integration Laboratory in the Brazilian Electric Sector], the second phase of the Rede Brasil do Pacto Global initiative to accelerate the incorporation of global challenges into the business strategy of companies in the electricity sector.

The initiative was launched in 2017, with a survey that diagnosed the level of understanding and commitment of companies in the sector with the SDGs. The workshop, dedicated to unfolding the goals of the priority SDGs for the sector’s planning, presented examples of Copel and Itaipu’s actions, aligned with the SDGs.

Sustainability Portal Map

Copel’s Sustainability Portal gathers content related to the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) dimensions, divided by themes. The objective is to make information accessible, giving transparency and publicity to the Company’s actions in pursuit of sustainable development.

In Corporate Sustainability Management – SE Management, in addition to the indicators, goals and opportunities for socio-environmental action, information on risk management, the history of sustainability at the Company, the awards received and granted by Copel, as well as the Transparency Portal are concentrated.

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