Fauna Rescue and Rescue Program

Copel Distribuição carries out Fauna and Fauna Rescue Programs in the implementation of High Voltage Distribution Lines. These Programs are carried out when there is a cut of native vegetation in forest fragments, due to the implementation of the Line, either due to the implantation of towers or the need to open a security strip or easement. For the execution of the program, an Environmental Fauna Authorization is obtained.

The programs are executed by a trained team, which uses fauna management techniques, with safety protocols. It is preferable for the animal to flee the affected areas on its own, with chasing measures being taken to do so. The animal is rescued when it is unable to escape without assistance. After rescue, animals in good health are released into safe areas, if necessary, veterinary care is provided. In cases where there is no possibility of returning to nature, it is referred to specialized institutions.

Lectures and meetings are held with the construction team to explain the importance of fauna and the execution of the program. It is sought that employees value the preservation of fauna in their work routines.

Copel Distribuição has been taking measures to reduce the need for suppression of native vegetation, from the design of the project to the installation of the project. Among these measures, the following can be mentioned: the deviation of the lines of areas of native vegetation in the design phase, the elevation of towers and the launching of cables without the need for opening the lane, such as by means of drones. In this way, the need to drive away and rescue the fauna is minimized, with actions located only in areas where suppression could not be avoided.


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