Program of Actions for Mitigation of Impacts on Forest Cover

In the process of implementing distribution lines, several actions are carried out to reduce the need to cut tree vegetation along the route.

To prevent possible impacts to the flora, Copel prioritizes the installation of projects in anthropized areas and uses construction techniques with low interference in the vegetation. In the case of construction of high voltage distribution lines, towers are raised and cables are launched by drone to preserve forest fragments that may have been crossed.

In order to mitigate the impacts of the construction of the enterprise on the vegetation, specific environmental programs are proposed, such as Minimization of Vegetation Suppression, Forest Replacement and Compensation and Monitoring and Control of Erosive Processes.

In medium voltage distribution networks, the use of a compact network is prioritized to reduce the need for tree pruning and location of layouts in areas devoid of arboreal vegetation.

For projects that interfere with state conservation units, Copel, together with the environmental agency, defines compensatory measures in order to meet the specific demands of each affected unit, with emphasis on actions aimed at controlling invasive alien species.


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