Whistleblower Channel

At Copel, reports of fraud, irregularities, guidance on ethical conduct and moral harassment are handled by different channels and by specific processes and, in all of them, there is the Company’s commitment to conduct the matter according to the precepts of each channel.

See in which channel each situation fits:

Theft or Irregular Procedure

Call 0800 51 00 116


The company acts autonomously, transparently, and independently to defend the rights of the customer/consumer who is dissatisfied with the services provided.

It also receives and forwards manifestations of praise, clarifications, complaints and/or denunciations that involve Copel.

The deadline for response is 10 working days.


Information is confidential and anonymous.

Copel Distribution Ombudsman

Phone: 0800-647-0606

e-mail: ouvidoria@copel.com

Correspondence and personal attendance:

Rua Prof. Brasílio Ovídio da Costa, 1.703

Santa Quitéria – Curitiba – PR.

Reporting Channel

Copel’s Denunciation Channel is a secure means for registering denunciations about fraud, corruption, discrimination, moral and sexual harassment, ethical and conduct deviations and other irregularities, and also for consultations related to the Code of Conduct. All the information is received by an external, independent company specialized in receiving complaints from both the internal and external public. 

All reports that contain information that can identify the whistleblower are de-identified by the contracted company, if the whistleblower has chosen to speak anonymously, and forwarded to the investigation team of the Integrity Coordination of the Governance, Risk and Compliance Department (DRC). 

The investigation process is structured to ensure confidentiality in handling the complaints received, which includes reserved physical facilities, restricted access to documents, reports and all the work done. 

Report it here or call 0800 643 5665

Complaints Investigation Flow

All complaints sent to the Denouncement Channel are handled according to the flow designed below: