EducaODS Program

The EducaODS Program is an initiative of Copel that aims to consolidate the actions in favor of the fulfillment of the 2030 Agenda and the Voluntary Commitments assumed by Copel, linking them to the strategic framework and the organizational values of the Company.

EducaODS unfolds in actions of all Copel’s subsidiaries, also reaching initiatives that deal with the dissemination of information to interested parties about Copel’s relationship with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the Global Compact, of the United Nations Organization (UN).

The focus is on establishing guidelines, raising awareness, disseminating and engaging stakeholders in actions, strengthening management, culture and education for sustainability.

Among the Voluntary Commitments, it should be noted that Copel has been a signatory to the Global Compact since its launch in 2000, being the first company in the Brazilian electricity sector to have its participation ratified in 2001.

The Program interrelates through various actions with other sustainability programs (ESG), such as Eco-efficiency, Solid Waste Management, Cultivating Energy (Community Gardens), Diversity, Accessibility, Electricity (Volunteering) and Climate Change.

As it is directly linked to several actions for the culture of sustainability, the EducaODS Program contributes to achieving the priority SDGs of Copel and the electricity sector 7; 8; 9; 11 and 13, and also SDG 4, which can be understood as an instrument for the dissemination of knowledge in favor of sustainable development.

Specific objectives

  • Establish guidelines, raise awareness, disseminate and engage stakeholders in actions related to the SDGs, strengthening management, culture and education for sustainability.
  • Contribute to achieving the priority SDGs of Copel and SEB (SDG 4, SDG 7, SDG 8, SDG9, SDG 11, SDG 13), as well as SDG 5, SDG 10, SDG 12, SDG 15, SDG 16 and SDG 17. SDG 4 can be understood as an instrument for disseminating knowledge in favor of sustainable development.
  • Demonstrate the position in relation to sustainable development in line with its strategy to generate value for the company, the sector, Brazil and the world.
  • Develop and propose training and lectures on the SDGs to raise awareness and sensitize all of Copel’s internal public (including Senior Management, Boards and Committees), suppliers and business partners and other interested parties.
  • Contribute so that employees and the company as a whole, through their main activities, assess their impacts, setting audacious goals and communicating their results in a transparent manner.
  • Seek to improve the Company’s performance in ESG indicators.
  • Represent Copel in groups aligned with public policies and movements aimed at promoting the SDGs, in line with the Company’s values ​​and policies.
  • Manage corporate information (reports and questionnaires) and sustainability indicators linked to the SDGs.
  • Contribute to improving Copel’s performance in the sustainability assessments it undergoes annually as a way of evaluating and proving its performance in Sustainable Management and ESG guidance.

Strategic Alignment

The EducaODS Program is in line with the Company’s strategy and its purposes, in accordance with Copel’s corporate purpose, which aims at the development of the State, in its area of ​​operation, through activities that provide sustainable development. The EducaODS strategic alignment covers the strategic framework; the strategic guidelines; the corporate strategic objective of “expanding and disseminating best ESG practices and strengthening risk management, internal controls and compliance”; as well as the Voluntary Commitments assumed by the Company.

Corporate strategic guidelines

  • Maximize the company’s value through sustainable growth, profitability, adequate debt levels and shareholder remuneration.
  • Seek profitable opportunities in new businesses and services in the energy sector.
  • Promote and ensure adherence to best ESG, risk management and compliance practices.
  • Adapt and manage a strategic energy portfolio in an integrated and sustainable manner, evaluating strategic partnerships, maximizing synergies and profitability. Divest in non-strategic assets.
  • Sediment the culture of safety, health and quality of life.
  • Apply technologies as a differential for business optimization and transformation. Continually raise the bar on cybersecurity.
  • Foster innovation as a lever for growth, increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, and process improvement.

Desempenho em avaliações

The EducaODS Program is a fundamental tool to improve Copel’s performance in sustainability assessments, whose level of demand for demonstrating excellence in sustainability management grows annually. Copel has shown progress in the assessments it participates in, such as:

ISE B3 (B3 Corporate Sustainability Index): Copel went from 77.54 points in 2021 to 81.17 points in 2022.

CSA/DJSI (Corporate Sustainability Assessment / Dow Jones Sustainability Index): Copel’s result increased from 58 points in 2020 to 68 points in 2022.

Ethos Indicators (Instituto Ethos): Copel Distribuição achieved considerable progress among the Electric Sector companies participating in the Abradee Award, moving from 11th place in 2022 to 4th place in 2023.


With the purpose of sensitizing the general public to issues related to corporate sustainability, Copel makes available, widely and free of charge, materials such as booklets, folders, games and posters, in addition to the Code of Conduct, the Moral Harassment Booklet, Primer on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace and Primer on Human Rights.

EducaODS Bulletins

Copel uses several instruments to expand and facilitate internal and external communication: it works to raise awareness of sensitive topics through publications on its intranet, an internal social network, and publishes its management actions and strategies in annual reports, which are accessible to the public. external public and stakeholders.

The Sustainability Education Bulletins aim to instruct and raise awareness among internal and external audiences about issues related to sustainability, relating them to the Development Goals for Sustainability (SDGs), proposed by the United Nations (UN). Timeless, they have a language that is accessible, and the way they are presented encourages the reader to deepen their knowledge and learn more about Copel’s actions.

Between 2015 and 2016, the Bulletin had monthly editions, and in 2017 it started to be published only on Copel’s intranet. In 2018, the publication returned, now in semi-annual editions.
See the latest edition here!

Copel in the Community

Over a history of more than 60 years, Copel has built a modern infrastructure to bring energy to 10 million people in Paraná.

Energia da Sustentabilidade

“Sustainability Energy” is a series of videos and podcasts that address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their relationship with the electricity sector. This Copel initiative is part of the Educa ODS Program and has 7 episodes.

This Copel initiative is part of the Educa ODS Program and has 7 episodes. Published monthly, the videos present the contents in a light and didactic way for those who are not yet familiar with the topics addressed and the podcasts are intended to deepen the discussions around each SDG.