Code of Conduct

Copel’s Code of Conduct was adopted for the first time in 2003. Over the years, revisions have been made to make the document more appropriate to the Company’s reality. Of note is the revision in 2015, when there was a public consultation with stakeholders, and in the 2017 revision, when it began to reflect the new Brazilian regulations on conflict of interests and periodic training.

The Code of Conduct applies to all employees, interns, suppliers, service providers, contractors, directors and officers of the Holding Company and its wholly-owned subsidiaries. Since the adoption of our Code of Conduct, we have not granted any implicit or explicit waiver of any section of our Code to the persons to whom it applies.

The current version of the Code of Conduct was approved on July 07, 2022 by the Board of Directors.

Code of Conduct for Suppliers

Copel’s Code of Conduct applies in full to suppliers. There are specific clauses in Copel’s contracts, both for the provision of services and the supply of products, on the Code of Conduct. By signing the contract with Copel, suppliers confirm, through these clauses, that they are aware of the content of the Code of Conduct and undertake to comply with it.

For this public, the Code of Conduct is an essential instrument, since non-compliance or non-compliance with its guidelines can lead to penalties, such as fines, and even lead to the termination of the business relationship between the parties, Copel and the supplier.