Social Investment

Guided by the Private Social Investment Policy, Copel makes Social Investments through fiscal incentives, support for social projects and philanthropic actions, structured for meeting situations or social or environmental crisis, targeting the promotion of sustainable development in all dimensions of the concept of sustainability – social, environmental, economic and cultural.


Copel, aware of its ability to take the lead role, works in a partnership with the Government of the State of Paraná, toward human dignity aligned to the principles of the Global Compact and the United Nations Sustainable Development Objectives.

Tax Incentives

Copel promotes financial support to projects, events and third-party initiatives, preferring those classified under laws that provide for tax waivers, as well as those related to culture, socioenvironmental, sports, educational, technical-scientific, innovation or strategy.

Support is granted for a consideration in the form of divulging the actions, generating recognition of Copel’s actions, adding value to the brand and expanding the relationship with the Company’s publics of interest.

Tax Incentives at Copel

This is financial support granted by Copel through tax waivers for social, cultural and sports projects, in return for promoting its brand and promoting relationships with its stakeholders.

It can be requested by any individual or legal entity that has a project approved in one of the several tax incentive laws for social, cultural or sports projects, listed below:

a. Projects of a cultural nature, in the performing, visual and popular arts, music, audiovisual, heritage, literature, among others, classified and approved:

  • In Federal Law No. 8.313/1991, article 18, and selected by the Paraná Department of Social Communication and Culture, as established in Decree No. 1,715/2015;
  • In State Law No. 17.043/2011, which implemented the State Program for Promotion and Incentive to Culture (Profice), in the State of Paraná; and
  • In the Complementary Municipal Law 57/2005, of Incentive to Culture, of the Program of Support and Incentive to Culture – Paic, of the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba.

B. Sporting and parasports projects classified and approved:

  • In Federal Law No. 11.438/2006 (Sports Law);
  • In State Law No. 17,742/2013, which established the State Program of Promotion and Incentive to Sport (Proesporte), in the State of Paraná; and

c. Social projects, framed and approved:

  • In Federal Law No. 12,715/2012 – National Support Program for Oncological Care – Pronon;
  • In Federal Law No. 12,715/2012 – National Program to Support Health Care for Persons with Disabilities – Pronas/PCD;
  • In State Law No. 10,014/92 – State Fund for Children and Adolescents (FIA), of the State of Paraná. The incentive is made directly to the FIA, as established in Decree No. 2,808/2015; and
  • In State Law No. 16,732/2010 – State Fund for the Rights of the Elderly (Fipar), of the State of Paraná. The incentive is made directly to Fipar, as established in Decree No. 2,808/2015.

For information on how to request a tax incentive, visit:

Copel Sustainability Prize

“Susie Pontarolli Trophy”

The Copel Sustainability Prize was created in 2012 for recognizing sustainability initiatives of suppliers and social institutions.