Social Responsibility

Ethical socio-environmental performance is a commitment of Copel, which guides its activities by the concept of social responsibility.

Copel considers the expectations of interested parties in its decisions and seeks alternatives that promote social well-being in accordance with legislation, international standards of behavior and development agendas recognized worldwide, as is the case of the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations World Organization – UN , which establishes 17 objectives and 169 goals for achieving sustainable development.


Triving for transparency, Copel publicizes its actions through the annual publication of reports, such as the Integrated Report, Social and Environmental Report, Management Report and Financial Statements; as well as other public documents such as Reference Form and Annual Public Policy Letter.

In conducting its business, ethics permeates all stages of its planning and execution. To this end, Copel established principles and guidelines in its corporate policies and in its Code of Conduct, which reflect the integrity of the company’s procedures in relations with its employees and other interested parties.

Such actions are inspired by the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, an initiative with which the Company has been linked since its launch in the 2000s.

Copel develops programs, projects and actions that benefit the community, the environment and the internal public, reflecting the socially responsible behavior it has assumed towards society.

Internally, it grants additional benefits to the legislation to its employees, encourages an increase in the level of education, promotes professional advancement programs and ensures the health and safety of its workers. Externally, it makes social investments, minimizes the negative impacts of its activities, enhances the positive impacts, and promotes programs that aim to improve the quality of life of the population.

For its remarkable performance in the social area, Copel has already won several awards that end up reflecting and legitimizing the recognition of the Company’s performance with the external public.