Social Investment and Volunteering

Among Copel’s initiatives regarding Social Responsibility are Social Investment and Voluntary Work. Learn more about the actions carried out by the Company, browsing the spaces destined to each of the themes.

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Social Investment

Guided by the Private Social Investment Policy, Copel carries out Social Investments through fiscal incentives, support for social projects and philanthropic actions, structured to respond to situations of social or environmental crises, aiming to promote sustainable development in all dimensions of the concept of sustainability – social, environmental, economic and cultural.

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Since 2004, Copel encourages its employees to act with compassion, through the EletriCidadania Program of corporate volunteering.

Talk to Sustainability

The Talk to Sustainability channel was developed by Copel so everyone may contact the Company to clear doubts, request information, send suggestions or file complaints relative to themes pertaining to sustainability, such as: social programs and actions, reports and publications, the environment, community, occupational safety, among others.