Copel Sustainability Award
“Susie Pontarolli Trophy”

(Discontinued award)

The Copel Sustainability Prize was created in 2012 for recognizing sustainability initiatives of suppliers and social institutions. The trophy name acknowledges the contribution of employee Susie Pontarolli throughout her professional trajectory at Copel, working to spread the concept of sustainability at the Company, when the theme was still not very expressed.

Starting in 2014, there were cash awards for projects from non-profit social institutions. The projects submitted had to be related to at least one SDG and the main evaluation criteria were:

  • number of persons served;
  • level of socioeconomic development of the intended target public;
  • prove of the project’s Sustainability Plan

The winning projects were monitored for 1 year by Copel, through visits and via accountability reports and presentation of results..

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