Copel, aware of its ability to take the lead role, works in a partnership with the Government of the State of Paraná, toward human dignity aligned to the principles of the Global Compact and the United Nations Sustainable Development Objectives. In addition to actions that facilitate donations from clients to nonprofit entities, the Company also works to reduce impacts on the population in crisis situations, such as in the case of Covid-19.

Understand the concept of philanthropy:
According to the Philanthropy Network, Corporate Philanthropy “is, especially, when a company makes a donation and is concerned as to how resources are used and the social impact created. These are punctual actions relative to humanitarianism.

Raising donations in electric bills

Copel is a pioneer in the Brazilian electric power industry in raising money for entities that provide services to communities through its electric bill (charing of third-party money – cVT). The first benefited entity was Pastoral da Criança, in 1998.

The program, which benefits 110 institutions, counts on an average 216 thousand monthly donations, which represents an annual raising of approximately 24 million reais.

For applying the entity must have the nature of an assistance or collective interest institutions, not-for- profit, and present the required documentation at the following address:

Rua José Izidoro Biazetto, 158 – Mossunguê – Curitiba.

Required Documentation

1. Authorization template and contract registration information;-

2. Bordereaux Template Letter with the banking information for depositing the funds raised (bank, branch account) with the stamp of the National Corporate Taxpayers’ Registry of the Ministry of Finance – CNPJ, signed by the person responsible for the entity and notarized.

3. Copy of the Corporate Taxpayer’s Card.

4. Copy of the State Enrollment Card.

5. Bylaws and subsequent amendments and Minutes of the Last Meeting that elected the Board of Directors (Social or Philanthropic Entity – duly filed with the Registrar of Documents)

6. Certificate of regular operation issued by the municipality – CMAS and the Entity’s Operating Permit and License.

7. CNAS Registration Certificate (National Social Services Council) and updated CEAS Certificate (Philanthropic Entity), and updated renewal thereof.

8. Clearance Certificate of Insolvency (if the entity is a civil entity, to be issued by the Distribution Office of the Courthouse of the Applicant’s Jurisdiction).

9. Clearance Certificate relative to Federal, State and Municipal Taxes, FGTS and INSS.

10. Summary of the Communication Plan (when involving advertisement).

11. Power of Attorney and a copy of the Taxpayers’ Ids of agents (if applicable).

12. Copy of the Taxpayers’ Ids of partners or directors.

13. Last Balance Sheet and Interim Balance Sheet.

Doubts can be clarified through the email address:

Facing the Covid-19 Pandemic

In light of the Covid19 pandemic, Copel decided to contribute to the society of Paraná in the fight to overcome Coronavírus, donating 5 million Reais to the purchase of hospital-grade masks and diagnostic tests, which were distributed to the hospitals of Paraná according to the demand mapped by the Paraná State Department of Health – SESA.

The purchase of the tests aimed at increasing testing, allow to track Coronavirus in the State, and the masks were acquired for decreasing infection in hospital environments.

Moreover, Copel launched the Philanthropic Bill Campaign, through which Copel donates 2 Reais more to each new adhesion to the electronic invoice. For each client that adheres to automatic bank charge, Copel donates another 3 reais, with no cost to the consumer, thus encouraging engagement of the entire society of Paraná in fighting the pandemic.

Two hundred thousand kits were distributed for RT-PCR tests and 1.2 million masks destined to hospitalized patients, health care professionals or those residing in the same domicile as those workers, people above the age of 65, interns or professionals of long-permanence institutions, among other groups that are more vulnerable to the virus.

The criteria defined to guide distribution were: number of health care professionals in the municipality, number of deaths and number of infected. Considering the municipalities reached by the distribution proposal, the beneficiaries total 5,637,834 citizens and 363,077 health care professionals.

Donations made by Copel to fight the Coronavirus was a highlight in Jornal Nacional on 05.25.2020 in a series of news reports regarding companies that contributed to fighting the pandemic. All regions of the State were benefited by the donations to some extent, positively impacting the entire territory of the State of Paraná.

For operationalizing this donation and guaranteeing the highest comprehension for the action, the company signed an Agreement with the Molecular Biology Institute of Paraná – IBMP, responsible for distributing tests purchase and donated by Copel; and, with the Foundation of the Universidade Federal do Paraná for the development of Science, Technology and Culture – FUNPAR, responsible for distributing the masks purchase and donated by Copel.

This initiative has also contributed to strengthening the partnerships and building joint solutions in the context of the pandemic. These contributions reinforce the alignment of the Company’s actions to the 2030 UN Agenda, since they converge toward the Sustainable Development Objectives, more specifically, the ODS 3 – Health and Wellbeing; ODS 16 – Peace,Justice and Effective Institutions; and ODS 17 – Partnerships and Means of Implementation.

Copel followed up the distribution of tests and masks, helping to build a path to overcome one of the worst public health crises suffered by this generation.

Copel's Invoice

Copel is donating R$ 5 million to fight the coronavirus in Paraná.

This donation will guarantee 200 thousand collection kits for PCR tests for the population and health professionals. And more than 1.2 million masks for hospitals in Paraná. With your support, that value can be even greater.

Support to APAE Unites of Paraná

Project concluded

The project encouraged adhesion of consumers to receive their electric bills by electronic means. For each confirmed adhesion, Copel transferred the amount of BRL 1.00 to Associações de Pais e Amigos dos Excepcionais – APAES of the State of Paraná through the Federation of APAES – FEAPAES-PR.

Within three years, 1 million adhesions to electronic billing were recorded, allowing for improvements in 326 APAE units all over Paraná.

The resources received by the APAEs were used according to the criteria defined by Copel, for purchasing food, hygiene and cleaning materials, learning materials, funding personnel, carrying out emergency repairs and making improvements to APAE facilities.