Performance Evaluation - Employees

The performance evaluation of Copel’s employees is carried out by the Nossa Energia Program, structured and consolidated in the Company, which contributes to the development of the employees’ potential.

The program is structured to stimulate the dialogue between managers and employees and to align people’s performance with the achievement of Copel’s strategic goals. Our Energy subsidizes decision making regarding promotions, functional adaptation, participation in conferences, training, post-graduation programs and foreign language courses, among others.

Until the 2020 cycle, evaluated in 2021, Our Energy program was composed of Organizational Competencies assessed equally by all employees. For managers, the People Management Competency was also added.

As of the 2021 cycle, aligned with Copel’s strategic goals, defined in the Strategic Map (2021-2025), the program Our Energy was revitalized, having as a central point to be a focused and structured Performance Management program with well-defined competencies. This revitalization process counted on the participation of a large part of Copel’s leadership and with the support of consultants from Fundação Instituto de Administração – FIA/USP.

The new model of Our Energy is anchored on the following pillars: Competencies, Axes of Performance and Levels of Complexity, which seek to assess and differentiate the attributions and responsibilities of the professionals, according to their function, development, maturity and career development.

Another important point that arose with the revitalization of the program was the inclusion of the self-evaluation and calibration steps in the evaluation flow, making it multidimensional and with more subsidies to the process, in addition to the manager’s perception.

After the evaluation cycle, the employee’s performance is associated to one of the performance groups, according to his or her evaluation result. This association allows different statistics, analyses, rankings, and comparisons to be made, as well as subsidizes the application of possible employee development and valorization measures, called performance-based policies.

Copel’s current Performance Management model is conducted annually and covers all Copel employees.


The result of the performance evaluation stimulates professionals to reflect about their own development and career, through the preparation of their Development Plan.

The employee development plans are formal action plans and follow the guidelines of management by goals, where each employee aligns, negotiates and agrees with his or her manager the development goals that will be monitored and assessed during the year.

The results of the evaluations also subsidize the planning of training programs and corporate training, which contribute to the improvement of performance and the achievement of strategic objectives.

In addition, the result of the evaluation is one of the requirements considered for career progression, thus contributing to the appreciation of Copel’s employees.


To complement the annual performance evaluation, carried out through the Our Energy Program, Copel has been implementing a practice of continuous feedbacks, which are carried out in a more dynamic, organic, impartial and real-time way. And, thus, they assist in the continuous development of employees, taking into account all the nuances that the employee’s journey may have and that directly influence their performance and results.

Today, this practice is carried out in the business with the largest number of employees in the company, but there are plans to expand it to other areas and businesses.