People Management

Copel’s People Management Policy (NPC 0401) states that employees are the Company’s most valuable resources and that labor relations are conducted based on Copel’s values and respect for universal, constitutional and legal precepts.

The People Management Policy is in line with the best market practices, and serves as a basis for decision making and for the implementation of contemporary and innovative programs and practices, according to the Strategic Planning.

The programs and practices for people management at Copel are structured according to the Company’s mission, vision and values, and innovation and continuous improvement are present in all people management practices.

The appreciation and recognition of people are based on the principles of meritocracy and respect for diversity and are essential for attraction, retention and engagement of professionals.

In addition, the continuous development of employees, aligned with the Company’s strategy, contributes to the sustainability of Copel’s business.

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Discrimination and Harassment

The Code of Conduct provides for recommended conducts and establishes unacceptable conducts, which include discrimination and harassment (moral and sexual). Copel’s attitude towards such cases, provided they are justified, is of zero tolerance. Accusations can be made through a specific and independent channel and the cases that are found to have grounds receive corrective or disciplinary measures, according to the Company’s norms.

Table of Employees

For being a state-owned company, where the majority shareholder is the government of the State of Paraná, admission to the workforce is through public examination.

Top Management

Copel’s corporate governance structure is composed of statutory and non-statutory advisory bodies, with different levels of responsibility. The Company is managed by the Board of Directors and by the Executive Board.

Regarding the Board of Directors, the members are elected for two-year terms:

  • five are elected by the shareholders;
  • two are elected by minority shareholders (holders of voting shares);
  • one is elected by minority shareholders (holders of non-voting shares); and
  • one is elected by our employees.

Performance Evaluation

Copel’s Performance Assessment takes place annually, since 2013, and with each cycle, learning and improvements are acquired to increase adherence to the Company’s culture and reality.

Corporate Education

Copel’s people management strategy is to encourage and promote the education and development of employees, with a qualified professional body and allowing everyone to exercise their potential in an environment conducive to the development of their skills and the evolution of their career.

Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety is present in Copel’s Strategic Reference, specifically defined as one of the Company’s values.

Quality of Life and Wellness

Aware of its commitment to offer a healthy and safe work environment, besides physical and psycho-emotional health care, Copel maintains several programs aimed at quality of life and well-being in the workplace.