Performance Evaluation

Copel’s Performance Assessment has been carried out annually since 2013, and at each cycle, lessons learned and improvements are acquired to increase adherence to the Company’s culture and reality.

The Company understands that monitoring the performance of its employees encourages continuous development and recognizes individual and team efforts, valuing expected behaviors and the achievement of defined goals.

The assessment for senior management is carried out through a specialized consultancy contracted to ensure equality, transparency and confidence in its results. In compliance with Law 13,303/2016, the assessment for executives follows strictly technical criteria and, in the same way as the assessment of the general staff of employees, encourages continuous development, recognizing and valuing the business results achieved.

Performance Evaluation - Employees

The Our Energy Program is a Copel performance management program, built based on the Mission, Vision and Values of the Company. The premise of the program is promoting transparency and dialog between manager and employee, for facilitating the understanding of what Copel expects from everyone, providing development and valuation of performance.


Performance Evaluation - Top Management

The performance review process of statutory bodies of Copel (Holding) and of its wholly-owned subsidiaries is conducted on an annual basis, as provided by the Bylaws (Art. 81), and on the Statutory Bodies Annual Performance Review Policy (NPC 0319) and in accordance with applicable legislation and best corporate governance practices, and the entity responsible for conducting it is the Executive Board (Bylaws Art. 29), and with the methodological support of the Appointment and Review Committee (Bylaws Art. 28, part XIII).