Sustainability Energy

“Energia da Sustentabilidade” is a series of videos and podcasts that address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their relationship with the electricity sector. This Copel initiative is part of the Educa ODS Program and has 7 episodes. Published monthly, the videos present the contents in a light and didactic way for those who are not yet familiar with the topics addressed and the podcasts are intended to deepen the discussions around each SDG.

The main objective of Energia da Sustentabilidade is to disseminate quality information about the SDGs, based on science, to Copel’s various stakeholders, in addition to strengthening the dialogue with partner institutions, participants in the podcasts.

It is expected that each interested party better understands Copel’s actions in relation to the 2030 Agenda and can visualize more clearly their own possibilities for contributing to sustainable development.
The first episode is an introduction to the SDGs. The following 5 episodes address the SDGs prioritized by Copel and the Brazilian electricity sector: Accessible and clean energy (SDG 7), Decent employment and economic growth (SDG 8), Industry, innovation and infrastructure (SDG 8), Sustainable cities and communities (SDG 8). SDG 11) and Combating climate change (SDG 13). The last episode talks about the relationship between the SDGs and Copel’s stakeholders.

Each podcast lasts an average of 30 minutes and features guest speakers who are experts in the field: specialists from Copel, federal universities, public bodies, as well as other companies and entities. The podcast of each episode is available on the main audio platforms (SoundcloudDeezer, iTunes e Spotify).

Launch Webinar

The launch webinar featured a chat between the Environment manager of Rede Brasil do Pacto Global, Elisa Badziack; the sustainability specialist and one of those responsible for coordinating the prioritization of the SDGs in the electricity sector, Pedro Barizon; and the superintendent of Copel’s Corporate Sustainability and Corporate Governance Coordination, Luisa Nastari, and a podcast on the subject, raising the actions undertaken by companies such as Copel and by the market to make compliance with the SDGs feasible, in accordance with the goals of the 2030 Agenda of the UN.

The subject, which has already been aligned with the Company’s strategy since joining the UN Global Compact in 2000, gains relevance due to the scenario of the Covid-19 pandemic. Hence the importance of making the SDG theme even more familiar to the public, given the need to clarify how our actions reflect on the fulfillment of these objectives. In companies, there are several programs and projects developed with the aim of specifically enforcing the goals of the SDGs, especially those strongly influenced by the performance of the electricity sector.