Since 2004, Copel encourages its employees to act with compassion, through the EletriCidadania Program of corporate volunteering.

The Program encourages all employees to dedicate themselves, voluntarily and spontaneously, up to 8 hours every 2 months of their professional work time to carry out social action or community interest activities.

Watch the videos of the “Dare Change Your World” series, where Copel employees tell a little of their volunteer actions toward a world with more equality.

Ativo 17-50


Programa de Voluntariado Corporativo


The first edition of the program “Empowering Refugees” in the South of Brazil was held by UNHCR – UN agency for migrants and refugees in Brazil, in partnership with Cáritas Paraná and Cáritas Curitiba.

About 40 volunteers from Copel gave workshops on topics such as rights and laws in Brazil; health system and self-care; resume and employability; access to basic social welfare services and energy; safe use of electricity and Brazilian culture.

Dare to change your world!

Edition 1:

Episode 1:
João Neto, Electrician

Episode 4:
Marisa Malaquias Sprenger de Barros, HR Technician

Edition 2:

Episode 1:
Murilo Barddal, Forest Engineer

Episode 2:
Kleber Gonçalves, Electrician

Episode 3:
Rakelly Calliari, Journalist

Edition 3:

Episode 1:
Eldar Rodrigues Alves, Electro-technical Technician

Episode 2:
Henrique dos Santos Rosa, Electro-technical Technician