Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is directly linked to the economic-financial performance and reputation of organizations, and is a performance indicator that allows measuring how well the company meets customer expectations regarding products and services, under several aspects, such as relationship, service, time, price, trust, operational efficiency and cost/benefit ratio.

For Copel and its wholly-owned subsidiaries, customer satisfaction has always been part of the Company’s purpose and is linked to the organizational culture, especially in relation to operational efficiency, safety, reliability, agility and cordiality in attendance.

With the regulation of the sector and despite the division of the business into generation, transmission, commercialization and distribution of energy, customer satisfaction continues to be the focus of top management, especially when considering the new market trend of free customers and those supplied by micro grids of distributed generation.

Copel Comercialização

In the scope of commercialization, the search for customer satisfaction is one of the pillars of this free trade model, which is, by definition, a competitive market in which

companies compete for the preference of customers. To this end, Copel Mercado Livre has structured products and services aimed at meeting customers’ expectations, both in the improvement of management mechanisms and in the diversification of customized energy products and improvements in customer service processes.

A preponderant factor in differentiating Copel Comercialização from its customers is Copel Group’s rating (AAA) and the brand’s reputation. In addition, it has know-how in energy commercialization and rendering of related services. Other differentiating factors are the availability of a generation portfolio in the group, a stock of incentivized energy and the leadership in regulatory issues.

Copel Distribuição

Customer satisfaction is part of Copel Distribuição’s purpose and directly linked to the organizational culture, since the quality perceived by customers depends on operational efficiency, which is the result of the commercial service teams’ performance and on the quality of the services, with reflexes on cost reduction and on the expectations of the regulatory agencies.

Thus, customer satisfaction in relation to Copel Distribuição is monitored, among other ways, by the application of satisfaction surveys. For this purpose, Copel Distribution consults rural customers every four years and public authorities in the first and last year of the mayors’ mandate. The satisfaction of the residential customer is monitored by the annual survey conducted by Aneel. The effectiveness of this set of practices is evidenced by Copel Distribuição’s success in winning first place in the IDAR indicator – Service in the Abradee Satisfaction Survey.

In the continuous search for improvement in customer service, Copel Distribuição periodically conducts satisfaction surveys, taking into account the general experience of the public with products, services and interactions with the brand, in order to improve the understanding of their needs and thus act more efficiently. The surveys also allow customers to make comments about their experience with Copel, opening up more space for expressions of opinion about the services provided by the company.


Main surveys carried out periodically

Abradee Survey

For over 20 years, the Brazilian Association of Electricity Distributors (Abradee) has been conducting an annual survey among residential customers. The results are announced together with the Abradee Award in mid-July. There is a general drop in the score of all distributors in recent years, causing the average result for Brazil, which was 70.3 in 2020, to fall to 67.0 in 2022. Copel’s result, remained well above the national average, with a score of 77.0 in the Index of Perceived Quality Satisfaction (ISQP) in 2022. The company has been a finalist for the award in recent years, winning first place in the satisfaction ranking, among distributors, in 2019 and 2021.

The methodology for calculating and distributing the sample respects the particularities of each distributor’s market, with regard to the number and size of municipalities served, resulting in a consistent sample that reproduces the characteristics of each subuniverse considered.

For the sample planning:

  • The municipalities are grouped according to their location within the area of operation and the number of residential consumers.
  • Within each group, municipalities are drawn to compose the sample.
  • In each municipality, by means of a census sector draw (geographical unit adopted by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics – IBGE), we arrive at the neighborhood, the street, and the home of the interviewee.
  • This procedure occurs even for those distributors whose concession area is composed of a municipality.
    In this survey, the 95% confidence interval is used.

Aneel Survey

The National Agency of Electrical Energy (Aneel), regulator of the electrical sector in Brazil, conducts an annual satisfaction survey, called Aneel Index of Consumer Satisfaction (IASC). This survey also shows a drop in satisfaction among customers of the distributors, causing the average result for Brazil to fall from 59.55 in 2020 to 57.61 in 2022. Copel’s result was above the national average, with a score of 63.73 in 2022.

This index is published annually by Aneel, after the application of approximately 30 thousand questionnaires all over Brazil, resulting in a confidence level of 95% and a margin of error of 5%.

The model used to calculate the IASC was generated from the qualitative consultation carried out in the year 2000 and consolidated in discussions with representatives from Aneel, the state agencies and the electricity distributors. It is composed of five variables assessed in the questionnaire applied by means of measurement scales.

Other satisfaction surveys

In addition to the surveys conducted annually by the Brazilian Association of Electricity Distributors (Abradee) and by Aneel, Copel conducts periodic surveys with rural customers, public authorities and other customers served in person or by call center and digital channels. The continuous monitoring of complaints and manifestations forwarded through the Ombudsman’s Office is another important methodology to identify possible sources of dissatisfaction for the customer.

Among the surveys we can highlight:

  • Evaluation of the image of the services offered by Copel (Paraná Research Institute);
  • Quantitative satisfaction surveys (post-service, reaction, digital channels, Net Promoter Score – NPS);
  • Qualitative satisfaction surveys (manager contact, open questions, focus groups).

The effective monitoring of the consumer’s perception allows regular follow-up of the satisfaction levels, and the results are unfolded to all levels of the company.

Actions aimed at customer satisfaction

The data obtained through the surveys are duly treated and classified, thus allowing reports to be issued in which the customers’ greatest needs are made visible. Based on the survey results, demands are addressed to the responsible areas, for planning and monitoring the actions to improve the company’s internal processes, aiming to provide a better experience to the customer.

Among the actions that are currently developed by the company are

  • The modernization programs of the distribution system Paraná Trifásico Program and Rede Elétrica Inteligente Program;
  • Improvement in the attendance channels, including attendance by WhatsApp and receipt of the bill via instant payment (PIX);
  • Development of educational and communication actions about the safe and conscious use of electric energy among children, young people and adults;
  • Dissemination of information about social programs, services and consumer rights and duties.
PERIODICITY SURVEYS2019 2020 2021 2022 
ANNUAL ISQP (ABRADEE) 625 2.033 2.026 2.012 
ANNUAL IASC (ANEEL) 540 560 540 565 
ANNUAL CALL CENTER 733.352 1.365.965 1.262.714 2.070.699 

NO – no survey occurred 

 2019 2020 2021 2022 
TOTAL SURVEYS 801.914 1.370.214 1.267.060 2.078.778 
TOTAL COPEL UCS4.714.629 4.837.723 4.928.926 5.014.184 

UCS – consumer units

 2019 2020 2021 2022 
PERCENTAGE OF THE SAMPLE 17,01% 28,32% 25,71% 41,46% 
PERCENTAGE OF SATISFIED CUSTOMERS80,70% 84,40% 78,70% 77,00% 

Target percentage of satisfied customers for 2022: 77%