Value chain

Copel, as a company that provides essential services, participates in different actions linked to public policies in favor of regional and national development and in the exchange between countries, as well as in the engagement of stakeholders in all dimensions of sustainability.

The guiding principle of the Company’s business is the universalization of access to energy, through a reliable, modern system with a fair tariff for the entire Paraná society. 99.8% of the population of the State of Paraná is served by Copel Distribuição. Renewable and clean sources have always been Copel’s main energy matrix, and it has been working uninterruptedly on energy efficiency programs from generation to the final consumer, always seeking new technologies and investing in the improvement of infrastructure and conscious consumption, including the exchange of technology with other countries.

Copel values decent work and economic growth, either through its internal policies, such as human rights, which guarantee gender equality and the fight against any type of discrimination, or through legal obligations. The company’s actions in this regard are anchored in internal processes and norms that require employees, administrators, and suppliers to comply with the Code of Conduct and respect the Company’s Strategic Reference.

The actions against climate change guide the decision making in the company’s investments, risk analysis, and the financial evaluation of opportunities, maintaining the energy matrix predominantly from renewable sources and developing low carbon technologies and energy efficiency and conservation projects, with a focus on innovation, economic growth, and sustainable development.

Through its corporate Sustainability, Climate Change, Environmental and Human Rights policies, as well as contractual requirements, Copel improves the management of its production chain and directs its actions for the benefit of the community, so as to incorporate into internal and external relations values that enhance environmental protection, citizenship, dialogue between the parties, ethics and transparency.

Supply Chain Management

The management of suppliers and partners, an elementary part of the supply chain, is an important pillar of corporate responsibility regarding environmental, social and governance dimensions.
Copel’s suppliers vary according to the business and include power generators and transmitters, manufacturers of materials, heavy machinery, service providers, among others.


The Value Proposition of Copel Distribuição (Copel DIS) is to distribute electricity without interruption or, when this is not possible, with a fast turnaround, with quality customer service, providing useful information with agility and an error-free electricity bill.


Copel carried out the mapping of the stakeholders based on the AA 1000 methodology.

Innovation, Research and Development

Innovation, linked to Research and Development, is a material theme for the Company.

Information Security Management and Cyber Security

Corporate information is an important asset of an organization and everyone is responsible for maintaining, caring for, storing and making correct, diligent and responsible use of it, preserving the level of secrecy, access and correction of the contents. This set of information management and data protection mechanisms within a company is called information security or cybersecurity.