Night Irrigation/Aquaculture Tariff

Program through which the Federal Government, in partnership with Copel, offers discounts of 60% to 70% on the electricity tariff for irrigation and aquaculture activities in the reserved time from 9:30 pm to 6:00 am, provided that the criteria set out in the Resolution are met. Aneel 1000/2021, encouraging increased agricultural productivity and the rational […]

Management of Public Policies

At Copel, public policies are made operational by means of programs of a social nature, whose main purpose is to increase access to energy, considering the population’s socioeconomic characteristics, as well as the specificities and demands of urban and rural areas. These programs meet legal determinations and are monitored by the Company through data such […]

Integrated Development and Citizenship Actions

The Integrated Development and Citizenship Actions Program was created by the State Government with the purpose of planning and executing public policies and integrated actions in partnership with various municipal, state, federal and civil society bodies and entities, aiming to contribute to social inclusion and the socio-economic development of communities. Coordinated by the Secretary of […]

Casa Fácil Paraná State Housing Program

The Casa Fácil Paraná State Housing Program, which replaced the Morar Bem Paraná Program, was established by Law 20,394 of December 4, 2020, regulated by Decree 7,666 of May 13, 2021. The Program enables actions in the housing area, developed by the Government of the State of Paraná, with the objective of promoting the production […]

Social Tariff for Electric Energy

Program that offers discounts in the electricity tariff up to the limit of 220 kWh, to families enrolled in the Single Registry of Social Programs of the Federal Government or beneficiaries of the Continued Provision (federal government benefit), provided that the other criteria set out in the Aneel Resolution are met. nº 1000/2021, resulting in […]

Solidarity Energy Program

Program of the Government of the State of Paraná, established by Law 20.943/2021, which pays the bills of consumers enrolled in the Social Electricity Tariff, with consumption equal to or less than 150 kWh. It represents a positive financial impact to the low-income public included in the program due to the exemption from the payment […]