Management of Public Policies

At Copel, public policies are made operational by means of programs of a social nature, whose main purpose is to increase access to energy, considering the population’s socioeconomic characteristics, as well as the specificities and demands of urban and rural areas.

These programs meet legal determinations and are monitored by the Company through data such as target audience, amounts invested, amounts reimbursed, number of beneficiaries, regions served, impacts and results achieved.

Copel Distribuição, due to the nature of its business, maintains control of almost all the indicators of each of the programs, leaving the smallest volume under the control of the other subsidiaries of the group.

Copel Holding, also due to the nature of its activities, monitors the theme of public policies in the scope of Corporate Sustainability, maintaining a dialogue with the management teams of the wholly-owned subsidiaries for follow-up and external reporting of data, fulfilling its commitment to transparency with its stakeholders.

(GRI Standards) 102-12, 102-13, 102-15, 203-1


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Program of the Government of the State of Paraná, established by Law 20.943/2021, which pays the bills of consumers enrolled in the Social Electricity Tariff,

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