Integrated Development and Citizenship Actions

The Integrated Development and Citizenship Actions Program was created by the State Government with the purpose of planning and executing public policies and integrated actions in partnership with various municipal, state, federal and civil society bodies and entities, aiming to contribute to social inclusion and the socio-economic development of communities.

Coordinated by the Secretary of State for Justice, Citizenship and Human Rights, the program promotes several actions, including service fairs, in which identity and work cards are issued, qualification for unemployment insurance, registration for vacancies in the of work, registration for the social tariff for water and electricity, as well as legal guidelines.

Copel participates in service fairs, offering commercial service, lectures and guidance on the safe and efficient use of electricity to participants.

Copel also works in partnership with other stakeholders in the formulation or execution of collective agendas aimed at promoting dialogue on current issues and outlining action plans. An example is the participation in councils such as the Paranaense Council of Corporate Citizenship (CPCE), in which Copel participates in the development of social, cultural, environmental and volunteer projects in coordination with other companies and civil society, thus contributing to public policies and sustainable development in the State of Paraná.

GRI 102-12: 102-13; 413-1

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