Ciliar Forests

A Copel possui mais de 14 mil hectares de Áreas de Preservação Permanente – APPs no entorno de seus reservatórios, que são geridas desde 2005 pelo Subprograma Florestas Ciliares. Na implantação de usinas hidrelétricas, com o enchimento de reservatórios, áreas anteriormente antropizadas e alteradas passam a se constituir em APPs, sendo necessárias ações de proteção […]

Asset Education Program

It aims at the extraversion of knowledge about the Historical and Cultural Heritage of the region in the Brazilian archaeological panorama. It consists of all formal and non-formal educational processes that focus on cultural heritage, socially appropriate as a resource for the socio-historical understanding of cultural references in all their manifestations, in order to collaborate […]

Fauna Rescue and Rescue Program

Copel Distribuição carries out Fauna and Fauna Rescue Programs in the implementation of High Voltage Distribution Lines. These Programs are carried out when there is a cut of native vegetation in forest fragments, due to the implementation of the Line, either due to the implantation of towers or the need to open a security strip […]

Federal Cultural Assets Program (Preventive Archeology)

The Federal Cultural Assets Program is aimed at preserving, conserving and safeguarding cultural assets (which include archaeological assets, registered, listed and valued, belonging to the Federal Union), through archaeological research in the field, in line with the obtainment of Environmental Licenses (Preliminary License – LP, Installation License – LI and Operation License – LO) for […]

Civil Construction Solid Waste Management Program – PGRCC

The Civil Construction Solid Waste Management Program (PGRCC) aims to manage all solid waste produced during the construction of projects. The program aims to characterize the waste generated and define measures for segregation, packaging, transportation, storage and final destination.

Project Management and Environmental Monitoring Program

The Project’s Environmental Management and Monitoring Program is the integrating program that aims to manage and monitor all factors and activities that interfere with the environment during the construction of Copel’s projects, including the implementation of environmental programs. The Program verifies the fulfillment of the environmental performance requirements of the works (environmental conditions and programs) […]

Information and Relationship Program with the DIS Community

It is essential that there is a process of transparency in relation to the actions implemented and also as to the benefits and restrictions and risks that the Company’s developments entail. The approchement between owners of areas in the vicinity of developments and representatives of Copel facilitates negotiation and the reduction of conflicts resulting from […]

Fauna Monitoring Program

Copel Distribuição carries out Fauna Monitoring Programs when they are proposed in environmental studies or constitute a condition of the environmental agency for the installation and operation of projects. Fauna Monitoring in the developments of Copel Distribuição is a very recent action. The program aims to monitor fauna groups over time, being able to contemplate […]

Construction Workers Environmental Sensitization Program

The Construction Workers Environmental Sensitization Program targets at training and sensitizing construction site workers as to environmental questions, according to DIS’ own methodology. The program is documented through a report containing a list of attendance and photographic records, and has the following objectives:- Sensitizing workers of the site regarding environmental questions such as: preventing pollution […]