Copel Distribution Provider Certificate

Provider Registry.

Copel maintains a supplier register permanently open, allowing the prior qualification of suppliers to participate in contracting processes. For a supplier to be qualified and receive the Registration Certificate:

  • There are criteria of legal qualification and fiscal and labor regularity; –
  • Technical and economic-financial capacities are assessed; and –
  • Commitments are made for the non-use of irregular child labor and/or analogous to slave labor, non-discrimination and respect for the environment.

During the execution of the contracts, Copel operates as an inspector to ensure the payment of taxes and to guarantee the labor rights of outsourced employees.

Industrial Assessment.

Inspections are carried out at the facilities of manufacturers of critical materials and equipment for the expansion, maintenance and operation of the energy distribution network, where aspects related to technological and manufacturing capabilities, human resources, quality control, production capacity are analyzed and evaluated. , applied materials, manufacturing process and outsourcing index, as well as quality systems and socio-environmental responsibility of the supplier.