The benefit package offered by Copel to its employee base exceeds what is defined by legislation, and is compatible with companies that are the benchmark in people management. This package is granted to all employees, irrespective of their working hours.

On an annal basis, the Copel Benefit Balance Sheet (BBC) is published, a statement that presents a deep and individual compilation of what was received by the previous year, such as: base compensation, additional pay, financial and non-financial benefits, among others. The BBC is available for employees online, in Copel’s internal network.

Health Plan

Copel, through Fundação Copel, makes available to all employees, at the time of their hiring, the possibility of joining the Health Plan, through coparticipation.

For those who join the benefit, Copel defrays part of the monthly cost of the health plan, 80% and 50%, depending on the plan, with Fundação Copel.

A major differential of the plan is its coverage with medical, hospital, dental, and pharmaceutical services.

Supplementary Pension Plan

Copel offers, through Fundação Copel, a complementary pension plan that allows the employee to form a financial reserve fund during his or her professional life.

The employee can choose to contribute 2% or 4% and the Company contributes in the same proportion, increasing the savings reserve.

Furthermore, employees can make contributions to increase future income without the sponsor’s contribution. The reserve is transformed into a benefit at the moment of retirement, after which a monthly payment for life is made, calculated on the accumulated total.

Fundação Copel

Fundação Copel de Previdência e Assistência Social is a non-profit entity that offers medical, hospital, dental, and pharmaceutical coverage for active participants, retirees, pensioners, and their dependents.

Social Security Education

Fundação Copel promotes Viva Tranquilo, a pension education program for employees on the importance of a complementary pension plan and on financial planning for the long term.

Viva Tranquilo also helps employees in their transition phase to retirement, addressing issues such as financial management and the importance of an active life.

On the institution’s website, employees can simulate the value of their future benefit based on their current contribution and on the extra contributions.

In addition, since 1979 Copel has held the Program for Preparation for Retirement (PPA), with a series of lectures on financial education, consumption behavior and savings, entrepreneurship, quality of life and health.

Commercial and Educational Partnerships

In order to offer benefits to employees and stimulate the development of local business, Copel holds two permanent public calls in order to select several companies and educational institutions that are interested in granting benefits to the Company’s employees and their dependents.

The purpose of the DGE 001/2022 Public Call is to invite educational institutions and training suppliers interested in providing benefits in the hiring of courses related to basic education, higher education, professional education, qualification courses and professional improvement courses.

The DGE 001/2017 Public Call has the purpose of selecting companies interested in providing benefits to Copel employees in the following segments: bookstores and stationery stores; bars and restaurants; beauty and esthetics centers; parking lots; flower shops; automobile assemblers and dealers; auto repair shops; music schools; dance schools and gyms; daycare centers and nurseries; pharmacies; cinemas; theaters, and pet stores.

More information is available through the corporate e-mail:


Maternity and Paternity leave

Copel offers the possibility of extending the maternity leave in 60 days, in addition to the 120 days already set by law. And, after returning to work, the employee can reduce her daily shift from 8 to 6 hours for another 60 days, without salary reduction, as means of encouraging breastfeeding.

Concerning the paternity leave, at Copel, male employees can request an extension of the leave from 5 to 20 days.

Medical Leave Assistance

Copel employees are entitled to up to 12 hours a year for accompanying medical care provided to their family members. Moreover, the Company grants another 40 hours a year, with no time bank, for situations of hospitalization, surgery and home recovery of first-level relatives registered with the employee database.


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Nursing Rooms

Copel keeps nursing rooms in some of its units so employees returning from maternity leave have a proper environment for extracting and storing milk to be offered to their breastfeeding children.

The environments integrate the “Mãe Paranaense” network and are certified by the Ministry of health, in recognition to support of women that are part of the Company’s employee structure.
According to the Ministry, all throughout Brazil, there are approximately 150 registered nursing rooms available for use by working mothers in the market.

Social Name

The adoption of the social name at Copel is a way for people to use the identity with which they identify themselves. To make them feel comfortable in their work environment, the employee may choose to use their social name on their name tag, e-mail and internal telephone guide.

This action contributes to significant cultural advances in the internal environment related to the gender issue, a matter addressed in the scope of the corporate diversity program.

The action is also aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially in items that advocate gender equality and emotional health and well-being, including the promotion of a healthy working environment for all people.

Day-Care Aid

Copel offers a contribution for child care for female employees or employees who have custody of their children aged between 7 and 72 months.

The amounts of the childcare allowance are negotiated and defined in a collective bargaining agreement and the credit is made monthly in the payroll.

People with Disability

The practices of inclusion and accessibility are implemented at Copel through several internal programs and committees for the promotion of diversity.

Copel has an internal professional rehabilitation program, which seeks to adapt the work activities of employees who have limitations and/or reduced labor capacity for any reason. The program is regulated by internal standard NAC 040101.

In addition to these programs to overcome internal barriers, whether physical or cultural, Copel also offers the benefit of aid for People with Disability, which deals with the reimbursement of expenses with orthesis and prosthesis for disabled employees, with the purpose of improving their quality of life and well-being.

This benefit is also available to the dependent and disabled family members of active employees. In this case, a monthly amount is credited in the payroll, in order to contribute to the autonomy, independence and quality of life. The amounts paid as aid are defined in a collective work agreement. The criteria and operation of the program are defined by Copel Administrative Rule (NAC) 040124.

Flexible Working Hours

Copel offers its employees a series of benefits that make the work day more flexible in order to meet personal needs and quality of personal and family life:

40-Hour Weekly Workday – reduction of the workday from 44 to 40 hours per week.

Flexible Working Hours – The employee himself/herself can define his/her daily working hours, respecting certain criteria and the nature of the work activity.

Compensated Absencethe employee can be absent from work for private purposes, by negotiating with the management, making up the hours in up to 6 months.

Time Bank – this device allows employees to accumulate and compensate overtime in their individual time bank through a collective agreement and voluntary adherence.

Student employee – Employees who are attending higher education or graduate courses during working hours that coincide with their normal working hours may request to their immediate manager that they become student employees and propose new weekly working hours that are compatible with their workload and appropriate to their needs as students.

Teacher employee – more flexible work hours for employees who work as teachers, upon request and meeting specific criteria.

Part-time work option (reduced workday)

The 8-hour working day can be reduced to 6 hours, upon request from the employee, which must be justified and approved by the Board. This benefit provides for a salary reduction in the same proportion.

Remote Work

The remote work program favors the well-being and life balance of employees and is available in two forms:

  • Hybrid home office: the model combines characteristics of face-to-face activity and remote work, enabling employees to fulfill their weekly work day in person and remotely (at home).
  • Punctual Home Office: aims to meet a specific situation with a defined duration, at the request of the employee and agreed with his/her immediate manager.

The established journey is 4 days with in-person activities and 1 day remotely. Adhesion is voluntary by the employee and the definition of the day/period in which the work will be carried out remotely will be agreed between the immediate manager and employee, according to the specificities of each area and work activity. Currently, 75% of roles are eligible for the Program.