Nursing Rooms

Copel keeps nursing rooms in some of its units so employees returning from maternity leave have a proper environment for extracting and storing milk to be offered to their breastfeeding children.

The environments integrate the “Mãe Paranaense” network and are certified by the Ministry of health, in recognition to support of women that are part of the Company’s employee structure.
According to the Ministry, all throughout Brazil, there are approximately 150 registered nursing rooms available for use by working mothers in the market.

According to the agency, all over Brazil there are about 150 registered breastfeeding support rooms available for mothers in the labor market.

The implementation of the breastfeeding support rooms is part of the Pro-Gender and Race Equity Program, which has already granted certification to Copel on three occasions.

Created in 2005 by initiative of the Federal Government, the program is coordinated by the Special Secretariat of Policies for Women of the Ministry of Justice and Citizenship, and seeks to promote equal opportunities and results in the lives of women and men, regardless of race and ethnicity, recognizing different needs and interests, building the redistribution of power and income.

The action is also aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially in the items that advocate gender equality, with empowerment of girls and women, and health and well-being, including ending preventable deaths of babies and children

Get to know more details of the room located at Polo Km3 in the inauguration video.