Environmental Commitment

Copel, a signatory of the Global Compact principles, understands that its processes should be performed in order to cause the least environmental impact possible. Concerning that, it develops several actions to provide power and development solutions with sustainability, from the licensing process to new undertaking deployment to the environment management of its assets under operation, aligned with corporate goals.

Besides the internal actions, it fosters stakeholder engagement and invests in research, as part of problem- solving, which is essential to the Company growth.


Environmental Responsibility

Environmental responsibility is the Company’s material theme and Copel’s commitment to sustainable development, as set out in the Materiality Report. The environmental studies carried out aim to identify, avoid, reduce and mitigate the impacts caused by the implementation and operation of the projects.

Among Copel’s initiatives are the conscious use of natural resources, the preservation of biodiversity, actions against climate change, compliance with current laws, environmental licensing, the use of new technologies, innovation and certification of processes.

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Environmental Programs

Copel’s environmental programs aim to meet the legal requirements, as well as the voluntary commitments assumed by the Company before national and international organizations, in the search for the economic growth of local communities, society’s well-being and sustainable development.

Learn about each of the programs developed by the Company and how these initiatives have collaborated to protect the environment, encourage responsible consumption of natural resources and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Stakeholder Engagement

Copel’s Sustainability Policy and Corporate Governance Policy establish general guidelines for stakeholder engagement, emphasizing the importance of dialogue and transparency, the promotion of eco-efficiency, the sustainable use of natural resources and ecosystem services.

Innovation, Research and Development

Innovation, linked to Research and Development, is a material theme for the Company, whose initiatives are developed by several departments, mainly with regard to the culture of innovation.

Talk to Sustainability

The Talk to Sustainability Channel was developed by Copel so that everyone can contact the Company to answer questions, request information, send suggestions or make complaints about topics related to sustainability, such as: social programs and actions, reports and publications, environment, community, safety at work, among others. 

To get in touch, just fill out the form below and wait for the return of a representative from the Company.