Monitoring and Management

In pursuit of the best governance practices, Copel’s permanent goal is to improve its business management processes, making it increasingly sustainable. In this sense, reducing environmental impacts, investing in the social aspect and operating efficiently are essential to its strategy in relation to value generation in the short, medium and long terms.

Copel aligns its performance with the main market practices that prove the importance, weight and conformity of its sustainability actions, demonstrating to investors seriousness in management, solidity of the commitments with the Company’s perpetuity and reliability of the results, such as the Integrated Report within the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards and participation in the main sustainability index platforms (ISE, GHG, CDP and FTSE 4Good), which measure the performance of companies in the environmental, social and governance areas.

In 2021, the Statutory Sustainable Development Committee (CDS) was created, which, among other attributions, it will assess and monitor the Company’s performance and the execution of projects that improve sustainability practices, with emphasis on the ESG dimensions (environmental, social and governance).

Key Indicators and

The indicators and goals adopted by Copel for management monitoring can be seen in greater detail in the Company’s Integrated Report and in the social-environmental reports of the wholly-owned subsidiaries and are related to corporate governance, sustainability management and human, intellectual, social and relationship, natural, infrastructure, and financial capital.

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Copel is a company committed to sustainable development and the generation of shared value. The Company adopts the main market practices and compares its performance with global and national references.

Risk Management

Copel’s corporate governance is based on the identification of risks and opportunities for decision-making in all instances so as to promote the Company’s perpetuity and sustainable growth, integrating the risk management process in the commercial relations with suppliers and business partners.



Copel’s practices, actions and commitments reflect its focus on sustainable development and are aligned with strategic guidelines, mission, vision and corporate values.

ESG Compliance

Copel’s practices, actions and commitments reflect its focus on sustainable development and are aligned with the strategic guidelines, mission, vision and corporate values.

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In line with the market’s best governance practices, Copel is constantly seeking to improve its processes and accredit them with the competent entities, in order to give transparency and credibility to its corporate management model.