Copel Generation and Transmission Shares

Guided by the Occupational Health and Safety policy, Copel Geração e Transmissão (Copel GeT) has as a guideline that everyone is responsible for safety and understanding that all accidents can be avoided. 

Several actions are developed throughout the year always guided by the risks raised. Among these actions we highlight:

Salto Segredo Hydroelectric Power Plant

Initially launched as a campaign, focused on encouraging safe behavior, based on accident statistics and on the concept of Active Care, it later evolved into a permanent program with several integrated actions. From the beginning, the premise of co-responsibility was widespread and internalized. Over the years, several classes have completed the Behavioral Safety Training Course, with professionals from different areas of Copel GeT, where a change in the way the employees’ behavioral approach was started, counting on different actions of the program (Wworkshops, Ccampaigns, SIPATs, Ppalestras, videos, promotional materials, e-mails, procedures, besides several Communication actions) that sought to highlight and value actions that focused on Behavioral Safety.

Annual meetings promoted by the safety area with the participation of Technicians and Safety Engineers, Doctors and Occupational Nurses and representatives of CIPA of Copel GeT, to align pertinent issues and exchange good practices of each of the areas. In addition to these themes, lectures are held with reference professionals from the occupational safety sector according to the theme of each year’s Safety Campaign.

Behavioral Verification in risky activities, performed by filling out an online form that registers if all safety procedures are being followed. With the implementation of VCO Mobile, the data is entered directly into the application, allowing for real-time analysis. VCO Mobile saves time, increases reliability, centralizes the management of recorded data, standardizes forms and occurrence reports, and speeds up decision making for the correction of any deviations identified in the areas, in addition to supporting the definition of priorities for the managers’ actions regarding occupational health and safety.

Holding workshops for outsourced employees, in which Copel GeT’s main practices are demonstrated, including the Code of Conduct, aspects related to compliance, regulatory updates, and safety and health guidelines for contractors.

Campaign focused on the risks identified by means of the Environmental Risk Prevention Program (PPRA), by CIPA, the Emergency Brigade, by the employees during Sectorial Safety Meetings, and also by the Risk Hunt application, where employees can report the risks they have identified.

It awards the best Safety Campaign, within the annual cycle, highlighting the actions carried out by the CIPAs and appreciating the dedication and commitment of the employees. The award is delivered by the General Director of Copel GET.

Developed in Copel GeT’s three largest plants, this project aims to diagnose the maturity level of the safety culture and to prepare a cultural transformation plan focused on the development of actions that will contribute to reducing work accidents and improving the maturity level in behavioral safety. 

Integrated Management System

Copel Geração e Transmissão S.A. seeks excellence in specialized services for the operation and maintenance of power plants, with a commitment to:

  • Preventing occupational injuries and diseases, mainly caused by traffic and electricity;
    Adopt a preventive systemic approach in order to eliminate hazards and reduce risks, with the aim of preventing accidents and ensuring safe and healthy working conditions;
  • Promote consultation and encourage worker participation in forums and environments suitable for information and discussion of occupational health and safety issues;
  • Protect the environment, through the prevention of pollution, especially that caused by industrial oils, the optimization of material, water and energy consumption, and the environmentally correct disposal of waste
    Rationalize costs;
  • Optimize the indices of availability and reliability;
  • Meet the relevant legal requirements and other applicable requirements; and
  • Implement continuous improvement in the performance of quality, health and safety, and the environment, in alignment with corporate policies and guidelines.
Foz do Areia Power Plant Reservoir

In the scope of Work Safety, the four largest plants of Copel GeT are certified in OHSAS 18001:2007 – Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, according to the scope “Energy Generation Infrastructure operation and maintenance processes”.

The certified plants are:

UHE GBM – Gov. Bento Munhoz da Rocha Netto Hydroelectric Plant (Foz do Areia);
GNB – Gov. Ney Aminthas de Barros Braga Hydroelectric Power Plant (Segredo);
GJR – Gov. José Richa Hydroelectric Power Plant (Salto Caxias); and
DRJ – Derivation of Jordão River Hydroelectric Power Plant