Reporting Channel

At Copel, complaints about fraud, irregularities, guidelines on ethical conduct and moral harassment are handled through different channels and through specific processes. In all of them, the Company is committed to conducting the matter in accordance with the precepts of each channel.

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Theft or irregular procedure: Call 0800 51 00 116

Doubts or complaints about fraud or irregularities that may result in losses in Copel’s operations, or when there are breaches of legal and regulatory provisions of the Code of Conduct and Copel’s internal rules.

The demonstration is treated with absolute secrecy: Call 0800 643 5665

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is a collegiate body that assists the Board of Directors created with the mission of helping the Company to be permanently guided by ethical principles that are in line with Copel’s values, with the principles of the Global Compact and with the principles of Corporate governance. In addition, the Committee is responsible for ensuring the disclosure and effective application of the precepts and guidelines of the Code of Conduct by employees, administrators and contractors.

Its main duties are to monitor the process of receiving and investigating reports received through the Whistleblowing Channel, periodically reviewing and issuing guidelines on the Code of Conduct, as well as collaborating in the review of internal policies and standards related to the topic.

The Committee is made up of the Governance, Risk and Compliance Officer, the Corporate Management Officer and the Legal and Institutional Relations Officer, in addition to a member of the Board of Directors. The body, by its resolution, may invite the Director of the area involved in the matter in question and the President of Copel Holding to assist in decision making.

The current format of the Ethics Committee was approved by the Board of Directors in December 2019, however, since June 2005, there is a structure responsible for the matter within the Company.

Members of the Ethics Committee (mandates until December/2021)

  • Vicente Loiácono Neto – Director of Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Ana Letícia Feller – Director of Business Management
  • Eduardo Vieira de Souza Barbosa – Legal and Institutional Relations Director
  • Gustavo Bonini Guedes – Member of the Board of Directors



The Moral Harassment Complaints Analysis Commission (Cadam) was created in 2009, establishing rules on the treatment of moral harassment complaints at the Company. The Commission has the task of analyzing complaints of moral harassment, placing Copel as a pioneer company in the country in the implementation of a preventive process that guarantees humane and healthy practices in people management.

As a complementary assignment, Cadam is responsible for guiding employees in the prevention of moral harassment, in line with social responsibility and best corporate governance practices.

All reports of moral harassment are forwarded to the Reporting Channel, thus allowing greater control over the number of reports, and also analyzing the reasons that originated them, subsidizing awareness programs.