Governance Dimension Management

Copel has a set of good practices that aim at ensuring a high level of transparency and control of the business management, involving shareholders, board of directors, audit committee, external audit, audit committee, executive board and inspection and control bodies with other stakeholders.

The Company’s incentive, monitoring and opportunity identification mechanisms are aimed at ensuring Copel’s perpetuity, guaranteeing that the performance of the managers is always aligned with the best interests of the Company, shareholders and society.


Indicators and Goals of
the Governance Dimension

Copel stands out among the Brazilian state-owned companies in terms of corporate governance and has as a practice the constant improvement of its governance system, which counts on the monitoring of the effectiveness of the Corporate Governance practices, performed by means of a specific indicator.

The governance performance indicators and targets are aimed at measuring Copel’s adherence to the best market practices and are based on compliance with the requirements of the Program Outstanding in State Governance and the Corporate Governance dimension of the Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE), of B3.

Opportunities - Governance Dimension

Copel understands that Corporate Governance is a differential that, applied to the Company’s management, provides more transparency, efficiency, minimizes strategic, operational and financial risks and contributes to the Company’s perpetuity. 

Aligned with the principles of governance and sustainability, Copel adopts the best market practices, and is considered an outstanding company. As a reflection of this, the Company recently approved a broad reform in its by-laws, highlighting the following improvements in governance: increase of 50% of the members elected by minority shareholders in the Board of Directors (from 2 to 3), inclusion of an external member in the Statutory Audit Committee.

Risk Management

A Gestão de Riscos visa contribuir para fortalecer o processo de Governança Corporativa, aumentar a segurança quanto ao alcance dos objetivos, promover maior transparência para as partes interessadas e aprimorar o ambiente de controles internos da Companhia.


Copel’s practices, actions and commitments reflect its focus on sustainable development and are aligned with strategic guidelines, mission, vision and corporate values.

Supply Chain Management

The management of suppliers and partners, an elementary part of the supply chain, is an important pillar of corporate responsibility regarding environmental, social and governance dimensions.