Organizational Chart

Companhia Paranaense de Energia – Copel, as a holding company, has an executive board consisting of six positions: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Business Management Officer, Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer, Chief Legal and Regulatory Officer, Chief Business Development Officer and Chief Governance, Risk and Compliance Officer, in addition to the Deputy Communications Officer ─ as provided in its Bylaws.

The Company’s core activities are carried out by four wholly-owned subsidiaries. Copel Geração e Transmissão S.A., Copel Distribuição S.A., Copel Comercialização S.A. and Copel Serviços S.A. are focused on the process of production, transport, sale and delivery of electricity from hydroelectric generation, and the provision of related services.

Business in the area of renewable energy led Copel to acquire 100% interest in specific purpose companies (SPEs), focused exclusively on the production of wind energy, which are managed by Copel Geração e Transmissão S.A., as described in the organizational chart.