Endangered Species

Within its undertaking deployment and operation, Copel develops fauna monitoring and rescue programs, in order to minimize its activity impacts on the biotic environment and providing special care to endangered species, as in many cases specific cases are developed, related to specific programs aimed at conservation and knowledge increase on the region endangered fauna, which data achieved is provided to competent environmental agencies.

In Copel undertaking environment surveys, the classification related to registered species conservation status is performed, assessing whether they are classified as endangered species or not.

For this classification, red lists produced by environmental agencies and institutions in international, federal and state level are used. Data produced on endangered species occurrence can be useful to ground plans and actions.

In order to know some Copel programs aimed at specific endangered fauna monitoring, access the reports and learn more on the actions performed by the Company.

Species of fauna included in the IUCN red list and in national conservation lists that occur in our areas and are the indirect target of conservation actions:


Almost threatened
Critically endangered
Little concern
Note: It is worth noting that the same species can appear in more than one threat category, according to the consulted threat list.