Ecosystemic Services

Ecosystemic services are set forth as ecosystem direct and indirect contributions to the economy and humanity well-being, and they can be rated in the following categories 1 Provision, Regulation, Support and Cultural.

Provision – foods, water, raw materials including woods and fibers, biofuels, genetic, medicinal or ornamental resources, etc.

Regulation – climate, pollination, pest and disease biological control, water purification, etc.

Support – migratory species and biological diversity life cycle maintenance.

Cultural – Cultural identity, cultural heritage, spiritual identity, inspiration, landscape beauty, recreation and tourism, etc.

Ecosystemic service relation with Company business can enable new project, investment and problem solving assessment. Thus, Copel identified, developed and published pilot studies to value the main ecosystemic services related to power generation, transmission and distribution business.

Actions already performed

  • Hydroelectric power station technical note development participation, work coordinated by Fundação Getúlio Vargas – FGV.
  • Ecosystemic service valuing inclusion in a native for damage calculation spreadsheet in High Voltage Distribution Line (LDAT) and Substation deployment.
  • Ecosystemic service analysis stage inclusion in research and development project on vegetation- integrated management in high and medium voltage distribution line crossover line opening.

It is worth noting that ecosystemic service management related to Copel business is in ongoing progress, and it is intended to align with the topic development in corporate field, and also in scientific and academic fields.

Copel GeT's Ecosystem Services Actuation and Management Strategy