Companhia Paranaense de Energia – Copel, founded on October 26, 1954, is a publicly traded mixed-capital company, controlled by the State Government in Paraná, which operates in energy generation, transmission, distribution and sale.

In this environment, it is possible to learn about the mission, vision and values that serve as a strategic reference, to learn more about the history of the Company and in which regions of the country Copel’s projects are maintained.

In the Corporate Governance environment, it is possible to understand the governance structure of the company, how the board is composed, to know the strategic framework, the governance practices adopted, the documents that give publicity and transparency to the actions and results obtained by the Company.


To supply electricity and solutions to promote sustainable development


To be a benchmark in our business segments by generating sustainable value.

Core Values

A set of beliefs and premises underpinning Copel’s strategic, organizational and people management, guiding all its internal and external decisions and the behavior of its members.


Result of a collective agreement which sets aligned to a common goal individual behaviors.

Respect for People

Consideration of for others.


Ability to engage in intense and completely at work contributes to the achievement of organizational goals.


Accountability of decisions and accomplishments of the company to inform their positive or negative to all stakeholders aspects.


Healthy work environment in which employees and managers collaborate to use a process of continuous improvement of the protection and promotion of health, safety and welfare of all.


Conduct of life sustainably company, respecting the rights of all stakeholders, including future generations and commitment to support all forms of life.


Application of ideas in processes, products or services in order to improve something existing or build something different and better.


Copel – Companhia Paranaense de Energia, the largest company of the State of Paraná, was founded on October 26, 1954 with ownership control held by the State of Paraná. The Company went public in April 1994 (BM&FBovespa) and, in 1997, it was the first company of the Brazilian electricity sector to be listed at the New York Stock Exchange. 

As from June 2002, the brand is also present at the European Economic Community, having been listed at Latibex – the Latin American arm of the Madrid Stock Exchange. As of May 7, 2008, Copel’s shares were ranked at Level 1 of São Paulo Stock Exchange (BM&FBovespa)’s Corporate Governance.

The Company directly serves 4,478,767 consuming units, across 395 cities and 1,113 locations (districts, villages and settlements), located in the State of Paraná. 

This network consists of 3.5 million homes, 82 thousand plants, 382 thousand commercial establishments and 360 thousand rural properties. The staff is composed of 8,531 employees.


Copel’s structure comprises the operation of:

• An own generating complex composed of 30 power plants and 11 participations, whose installed capacity totals 5,675 MW;

• The transmission system totaling 40 thousand km of lines and 45 substations (all of them automated);

• Distribution system with 195 thousand km of lines – the third largest in the country – and 362 automated substations.

• The optical telecommunication system (Paraná’s Infoway), which has 30 thousand km the cables installed between the main ring and urban radials (self-sustained cables), 399 cities of the State of Paraná and 2 cities of the State of Santa Catarina.

Today, Copel irradiate light and provide the whole State of Paraná with comfort and social peace. This progress has been achieved for six decades, grounded on hydraulic potential, technology domain and, especially, the creative ability of the technicians and professionals working for the Company.

Copel in Brazil

Corporate Governance

Copel’s Corporate Governance model is based on the principles of transparency, equity, accountability and corporate responsibility, following the best market practices and refer to the Code of Best Governance Practices of the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance – IBGC, seeking the best results for interested parties.

Based on these principles, the Copel’s Governance Policy establishes the standard and best practices to be adopted by the Company. And, in order to be permanently guided by ethical principles, it is governed by a Code of Conduct developed in line with its values, the Principles of the Global Compact and the Principles of Corporate Governance.