Research and Development

Copel has had a consolidated program for Research and Development (R&D) projects since 2000, which allocates resources for scientific and technological research projects in accordance with the criteria established by the National Agency of Electrical Energy (ANEEL), prioritizing the achievement of results of practical application, focusing on the creation and improvement of products, processes, methodologies and techniques.

Copel Geração e Transmissão (Copel GeT) selects its R&D projects by means of proposals forwarded on the form “Initial Proposals for R&D Projects” (PIP), available on its public website. If the proposals adhere to the strategic plans of the technical areas, the process continues with the phase of detailed preparation of the R&D project in its own form and subsequent evaluation by its Technical/Scientific R&D Committee (CP&D), responsible for issuing opinions favorable or not to the contracting of the R&D projects offered.

According to the guidelines of the Research and Technological Development Program of the Electric Energy Sector, regulated by Aneel, Copel GeT must invest 0.4% of its Net Operational Revenue (ROL) in R&D projects, which is equivalent to approximately R$ 12 million per year.

The R&D Program of Copel GeT seeks to stimulate creative interaction between national research institutions and its technical areas, partnerships that are sources of innovative solutions for the improvement of its processes, directly benefiting the consumer.

According to the guidelines of Aneel’s Research and Technological Development Program for the Electric Energy Sector, Copel Distribuição (Copel DIS) must invest annually 0.2% of net operational revenue (ROL) in R&D.

Copel DIS selects R&D projects through public calls and the suggestions of themes occur through the +Dis_aí Program. The ideas are evaluated by the Innovation Committee and, if they are eligible for a research project, they may become the subject of a future call.

At Copel Distribuição, innovative ideas do not fail to be put into practice due to lack of financial resources; there will always be a source available so that the gains resulting from innovation can be obtained.

Research and Development Copel DIS

Research and development projects carried out with investment from Copel Distribuição.

Research and Development Copel GET

Research and development projects carried out with investment from Copel Generation and Transmission.