Carsharing Copel

In consonance with the Company’s Planning and Strategic Guidelines, also considering the commitments assumed with the Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals, Copel has as one of its goals the expansion of business with the addition of value in a sustainable and profitable manner.

With the growing development of the Brazilian electric vehicle market, it is strategic for Copel to establish partnerships with electric vehicle manufacturers to provide electric mobility and sustainable energy solutions.

In this sense, Copel and Renault are joining efforts to achieve a pilot project as proof of concept (PoC), called Carsharing Copel, which advocates the shared use of electric vehicles, through temporary leasing via application.

Eletroposto para recarga e compartilhamento de veículos em Curitiba

The use of electric vehicles brings a series of benefits such as:

  • less polluting;
  • quieter;
  • more efficient energy consumption;
  • lower maintenance and fuel costs, promoting, besides cost reduction, the stimulation of sustainable electric mobility.

Two vehicles, Renault’s Zoe model, 100% electric, are available for professional use and also for the private use of employees, as a novelty and convenience factor in the Company’s environment.

From this proof of concept, we intend to analyze data regarding the rate of use, behavior, interest and perception of the user, technical performance, consumption, availability for use, expenses and revenues, among others of interest to Copel (charging infrastructure) and Renault (vehicles and application) to subsidize future actions such as the insertion of electric vehicles in the Company’s fleet as well as the joint market development of a solution for the market.