Corporate Memory

Copel is concerned in keeping the history of energy and the legacy of the Company’s knowledge, as well as transmitting this memory to future generations, preserving the history of the Company and of the electric power industry, as well as the facts and collections of regions impacted by implementation of its projects.

Moreover, the Company believes in the importance of an educational process of awareness in society, bringing information on the importance of energy in people’s day-to-day lives, efficient and safe use, highlighting the importance of Sustainable Development Objectives (ODS)

To that effect, the company maintains two important museums:

  • Museu Regional do Iguaçu, located beside Hydroelectric Power Plant Governador Ney Braga, in the Mid-South of the State of Paraná, and has been carrying out, since 2000, careful work in the keeping and conservation of the elements that help telling the story of the region. A pioneering project in the electricity industry, it is a heritage education space, as well as a space or environmental and social change. There, the company conserves and curates collections originated from Archaeological Salvage; from the Rescue of Cultural Memory and Scientific Use of the Fauna and Flora of the region impacted by the power plant.
  • Energy Space – Copel Museum, located in Curitiba, in an important 19th-Century Original House, restored in 2018. This is not just another museum, but is provides an innovative proposal, taking the visitor to a rich and interactive experience with the world of energy: its applications to sustainable use; past to future; from light to art.