Wildlife Fauna Program in Facilities

The Wild Fauna in Facilities Program aims to diagnose possible problems related to the presence of wild fauna in Copel’s projects, such as the presence of bees, birds and reptiles. This program produces guidelines based on current legislation for the correct handling of animals and prepares the planning to enable any management actions that may be necessary by the environmental area, when they cannot be resolved by local personnel.

The table shows the number and typology of stations and associated projects:

Undertaking Stations
APC – Apucaraninha
2 Reservoir
CAS/CAV – Complexo Cavernoso
1 River / 2 Reservoir
CHE – Chaminé
1 River / 2 Reservoir
CIM – Chopim
1 Reservoir
GNB/DRJ – Segredo/Derivação do Jordão
2 River / 3 Reservoir
GJC – Mauá
2 River / 3 Reservoir
GBM – Foz do Areia
2 River / 3 Reservoir
GJR – Caxias
2 River / 2 Reservoir
GNA – Guaricana
1 Reservoir
GPS – Capivari/Cachoeira
3 River / 1 Reservoir
MBI – Marumbi
1 Reservoir
PGI/SJR – Pitangui/São Jorge
2 River / 2 Reservoir
FRA – Figueira
2 River
MEL – Melissa
1 Reservoir
VAU – Salto do Vau
1 Reservoir

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