Statutory Audit Committee

Copel’s Statutory Audit Committee is provided for in Section I of Chapter V of the Bylaws, being composed of three members, all independent, chosen by the Board of Directors, elected and dismissed by such body, as provided for in Federal Law No. 13,303/2016, and the characteristics, composition, functioning and powers established in specific Internal Regulations. This Committee is subordinate to the Board of Directors, to which it is directly linked.

Among the main duties of the Statutory Audit Committee (CAE) are the inspection, review, supervision, monitoring and, when appropriate, submission of recommendations on the Company’s activities. In addition, the Statutory Audit Committee is responsible for the operationalization of the Reporting Channel.

The Statutory Audit Committee is also responsible for issuing half-yearly and annual reports, and the summary of the Audit Committee Report, prepared at the end of the year, must be published together with the Company’s accounting and financial statements.

The Statutory Audit Committee is responsible for ensuring the quality and efficiency of the internal control and risk management systems, including the supervision of the information security strategy, with annual registration in the Statutory Audit Committee Report.

Its ordinary meetings are held at least six times a year, according to a previously defined calendar, and there may be other, extraordinary meetings, whenever necessary – the minutes are drawn up in a proper book by the Corporate Governance Secretariat and signed by the members present at the meeting.

Members of the Statutory Audit Committee

Current Mandate: April 2023 to April 2025

Carlos Biedermann (Coordinator and financial specialist)

Marco Antônio Barbosa Cândido (member)

Luiz Cláudio Maia Vieira (external member)

The contact details for the committee are as follows:

Adress: José Izidoro Biazetto Street, 158 – Block A – Curitiba – PR / Zip Code 81200-240