Internal Audit

Copel’s Internal Auditing aims to develop, with independence and objectivity, the provision of assessment and consulting services in order to add value and contribute to the achievement of corporate objectives by applying a systematic and disciplined approach, contributing to the improvement of the effectiveness of processes, risk management, internal controls and corporate governance, assisting the decision-making process in the various hierarchical levels of the Company.

Article 30, VIII, of the Bylaws defines as one of the competencies of the Board of Directors to approve the annual internal audit work plan with the support of the Statutory Audit Committee. Among the main attributions of the Internal Audit are to develop and execute the Company’s Annual Audit Plan, encompassing Copel corporation, its business units and participations;
to carry out audit work demanded by the Board of Directors, the Statutory Audit Committee and the Company’s Executive Officers.

Internal Auditing at Copel earned the International Quality Assessment Certification on 03.28.2019, granted by the Instituto dos Auditores Internos do Brasil (IIA Brazil), which represents the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA Global) in Brazil. The international certification attests the use of global best practices and compliance with international standards for the professional practice of internal auditing.

In line with the provisions of Article 13, item X of Decree 8,945, of December 27, 2016, which regulates Law No. 13,303/2016 (State Law), ensuring the protection of confidential information and personal information, pursuant to Law No. 12. 527/2011, Copel’s Internal Audit discloses its Annual Activity Reports (RAINT) on the Company’s website permanently and cumulatively, since 2017, with the objective of reporting in a consolidated manner to the Company’s Senior Management the main activities carried out.

Note: in the reports reference to ‘Copel Corporativo’ (Corporate Copel) refers to corporate processes that cover, in a general way, Copel, its Business units and 100% Subsidiaries.