Cyber ​​and Information Security Committee

The Cybersecurity and Information Security Committee (CSCI) is an auxiliary collegial body to the Board of Directors created with the mission of ensuring the direction and strategic definitions related to support, processes and compliance, relating to cybersecurity and company security. information, equally considering the areas of controls, business and information technology.

It also aims to contribute to ensuring that the Company is led by principles that are in line with Copel and Corporate Governance values, with guidelines that impact all interested parties.

The Committee is made up of members of the Deputy Directorate for Governance, Risk and Compliance, the People and Business Management Directorate, the Distribution Directorate, the Generation and Transmission Directorate and a member of the Board of Directors. The body, by its deliberation, may invite the Director of the area involved in the matter in question and the President of Copel Holding to assist in decision-making. 

The current format of the CSCI was approved by the Board of Directors in June 2024, aiming to bring a more strategic perspective to the topic, as well as more assertive governance involving corporate areas and business areas. However, it is noteworthy that since 2019 the topic had already been coordinated internally via work committees, with direct reporting to the Board Meeting (REDIR), the Statutory Audit Committee Meeting (CAE), the Fiscal Council (CF) and the Board of Directors. Administration (CAD).

Check the internal regulations of the Cybersecurity and Information Security Committee.

Cybersecurity and Information Security Committee Members

  • Jacildo Lara Martins – Member of the Board of Directors (Coordinator)
  • Ana Letícia Feller – Chief People and Business Management Officer
  • Vicente Loiácono Neto – Deputy Governance, Risk and Compliance Officer
  • Hemerson Luiz Barbosa Pedroso – General Director of Copel Distribuição
  • Moacir Carlos Bertol – General Director of Copel Geração e Transmissão
  • Marcos Henrique Marçal Camillo – Information Technology Superintendent

Note: Mandates are for a fixed term, coinciding with the statutory mandate.

CSCI Internal Regulations