Customer Management

Copel seeks to meet customers’ expectations by marketing and distributing energy with low prices, error-free billing, agile and quality service, as well as favorable conditions for contracting. To this end, a series of online and in-person channels are available. The manifestations, complaints and grievances registered are fundamental for the mapping of opportunities to improve services.

Copel Comercialização

Several technology-based initiatives are in progress and in different stages in the scope of energy commercialization by Copel Free Market, among which we highlight

  • Management System in the Free Energy Market (CML) – system under development that will replace the current contracted system, where energy purchase and sale operations will be registered, generating the energy balance of the purchase and sale portfolios, with functionalities for billing and payment and energy registration at the CCEE.
  • Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) – this system is being implemented to manage the sales, marketing, and customer service processes.
  • Management System with Telemetry (SIMPLIFIQUE) – system under implementation that allows Copel Comercialização’s consulting services customers to consult energy measurement data and reports at any time.
  • Site – in constant improvement with a focus on customer service functionalities through integrations with CML, CRM and Telemetry systems and the construction of a Market Place platform.
  • Implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in processes.
  • Signature of contracts using the e-Protocol tool, document management system.

Service Channels Copel Mercado Livre

Use our service channels to send us your questions, compliments, suggestions, and complaints about the service.

Copel Distribuição

Engaged in the search for innovative and effective solutions for sustainable development, Copel Distribuição has been investing record amounts in recent years in the energy distribution system, adding greater safety and reliability in the energy supply for our customers. Besides the modernization of the rural electric grid by the Paraná Triphasic Program, the Total Reliability project implements new technologies for operating the distribution system, while the Intelligent Electric Grid Program seeks to expand the penetration of smart meters in several cities in the concession area.

Copel Distribuição’s commercial service is among the company’s greatest assets and contributes to the achievement of its objectives, promoting consistent actions for business sustainability and customer satisfaction, as it is composed of a set of tools for interaction with the customer, which are constantly revised and expanded. The effectiveness of this set of practices is evidenced by the awards and recognition received and by the control of complaints; the analysis of recurrences in the ombudsman’s office; the monitoring of sites such as “Reclame Aqui” (complain here); the monitoring of the indicators agreed upon with the areas in the Management Commitment; and the creation of working groups focused on the topic of improving customer satisfaction.

Copel Distribution Service Channels

Use our service channels to send us your questions, compliments, suggestions, and complaints about the service.