Action Plan for Social and Environmental Emergencies

As an instrument for containing and mitigating risks impacting the environment and the community, Copel GeT’s Environment area instituted the Action Plan for Social and Environmental Emergencies (PAMA) with a focus on responding to emergencies involving oil spills, chemical products , floods, road accidents, among others, that may directly affect people, the environment and/or the operation of the projects.

The Plan aims to prepare and establish organizational guidelines, as well as provide data, materials and preparation that guarantee the necessary conditions for the adoption of technical and administrative procedures in a structured way, to be triggered quickly in emergency situations.

Applied to all Copel Geração e Transmissão S.A. projects, including hydroelectric plants, substations, lines, and wind farms, PAMA establishes the organizational chart for the activities of the teams in the socio-environmental area, in line with the Local Management Groups and the of Emergency Action for the operation of the projects, as well as the flowchart of actions to be developed in the mobilization of resources and personnel, from the identification and containment of the emergency situation to the mitigation of the impacts that may occur.

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