Natural Gas

Natural gas is a fuel of fossil origin, formed by the mixture of light hydrocarbons that remain in the gaseous state under the ambient conditions of temperature and pressure, among which methane (CH4) stands out. As it is extracted from deposits, natural gas is a colourless, odourless product, free of sulphur. It is lighter than air and its combustion is complete – it releases carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor. Natural gas has a specific density lower than that of air, which facilitates its dispersion in the atmosphere in the event of a leak and reduces the risk of accidents.

All of Compagas’ natural gas distribution is carried out through underground networks, built in accordance with the safety standards in effect, which guarantee greater safety in the use of the fuel.


Compagas, Companhia Paranaense de Gás, is a mixed-capital company, controlled by Copel and responsible for the distribution of piped gas in Paraná, serving customers in the residential, commercial, industrial and vehicular segments. Over the years, it has focused its actions on expanding the natural gas network, making investments to carry out large-scale works with the aim of increasingly increasing its service capacity and bringing this energy to more regions and municipalities in the State.

Gas Leakage

In Compagas, the Gas Leakage Rate is calculated by the ratio between the volume emitted to the atmosphere in fugitive leaks in connections, routine operations (preventive or corrective maintenance), new connections to customers (purges), and volume leaked in network ruptures, and the total volume of gas distributed in the year.

The volume of gas emitted in 2022 was 149,913 m³, related to operation and maintenance services, including emergencies, all of which were purged (venting).

The total volume of natural gas sold, in 2022, was 347,830,720 m³.

The distribution network for high density polyethylene pipe (HDPE) of Compagas, in the year 2022, had only 1 rupture due to excavations by third parties, since the distribution network of the Company is signaled and there is a monitoring of all interventions made.

The Company also maintains constant contact with the water/sewage concessionaire and with the contractors that operate underground, next to the Compagas network. This work of reducing ruptures has had expressive results, with Compagas being a benchmark in Brazil among piped gas distribution companies, with the lowest accident frequency rate per kilometer of gas network.

All the welds of the steel pipes are rigorously inspected in accordance with ANSI (American National Standard Institute) B 31.8 or ABNT NBR nº 12712 (Brazil).

It is worth emphasizing that the values mentioned do not include the differences in volumes measured by the supplier and by Compagas.

The gas leakage rates in the last years were:


2020 2021 2022 
0.041 0.039 0.043