Copel believes that recognition is fundamental to value the best initiatives. That is why it created the Prêmio Copel de Sustentabilidade – Troféu Susie [Pontarolli Copel Sustainability Award – Susie Pontarolli Trophy]. Learn more about the work developed and the winning projects in each category.

In this environment, it is also possible to get to know the awards and national and international recognition received by Copel for its actions on behalf of sustainable development, consumer satisfaction, and the perception of a company committed to the best corporate governance practices.

Copel Sustainability Prize
“Susie Pontarolli Trophy”

The Copel Sustainability Prize was created in 2012 for recognizing sustainability initiatives of suppliers and social institutions. The trophy name acknowledges the contribution of employee Susie Pontarolli throughout her professional trajectory at Copel, working to spread the concept of sustainability at the Company, when the theme was still not very expressed.

Awards and Recognition
Received by Copel

The awards won and the quality of services reflect Copel’s efforts in the search for customer satisfaction and comfort, as well as its commitment to sustainability. The main awards and certificates won by the Company are available here.